We need to invest in our infrastructure. This includes: fixing our roads and bridges, supporting public transit options, investing in our waterway systems so we have safe drinking water, modernizing our dams and levees to improve safety and generate clean energy.

I am a small business owner with real world experience for what we need to do to help small business’ survive and thrive. We need to cut the red tape, expand access to capital, and provide tax relief. With a single-payer health coverage this allows more profit to stay in the company and the owners can invest in technology, hire more workers or expand their business to other markets. 

85% of Arizona days is sunshine, and we should be leading in the field of solar. Solar will create jobs that delivers power without wasting water. Not being a leader in solar means we are also losing business opportunities from corporations who will not relocate to Arizona because of our energy and education policies.  

Arizona is a desert climate and along with other states, population growth and expanding urban areas will increase water demand. Communities will be challenged to deliver water and ensure enough water for environmental needs. We need to make sure we are exploring new methods to harvest rainwater and storm water, which provides a multitude of benefits, including water savings, reduced flood peaks and reduction of urban heat island effects.