Health Care

I support single-payer health coverage that provides comprehensive coverage for everyone. Nobody should ever have to make a decision if their loved one lives or dies because they don’t have health insurance. Nobody should go bankrupt or stay in a job they do not like just for health insurance or not take their medication because they cannot afford it. 

Planned Parenthood provides medical care to low income women, cancer screenings, family health planning. Without Planned Parenthood unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases will increase. Government needs to expand funding for this organization that does so much good for the community.

Health care is not just for the privileged who can afford it, but a right for everyone. Everyone deserves and should have quality medical care which includes pre-existing conditions. I will also make sure that Congress does not try to sneak in “genetic predisposed” law or discriminate against the LGBTQA Community to stop them from receiving the coverage they deserve. 

I will also fight to make sure the cost of prescription drugs are lowered. A little known fact is that unexpired prescription drugs are thrown away by nursing homes after patients die. The drugs could be given to patients who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

I will introduce a bill that would allow sealed and unexpired medications to be donated to approved medical clinics for disbursement to those who need the medicine but cannot afford it.

Health care is freedom. It allows our economy to flourish, people can move from a low paying job to another job that offers more opportunities for advancement. Companies will have more money to pay higher wages or invest back into their business. When you have your health, you have options.