More Issues

PLANET PROTECTION: If we don’t take care of it, there is no Plan B.
Planet Protection will provide new technologies, jobs, better health, better food, innovation, clean air and water. This also includes taking care of our public lands and our animals. 

SOCIAL SECURITY: We have paid into it through our payroll taxes. This is not an entitlement, this is our money. I will vote against increasing the age requirement for full benefits from 67 years old. 

VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS: I will be the voice for the children, seniors, military families, stiffer penalties for animal abuse, LGBTQA, POC and Hispanics. I will be the voice that speaks out against discrimination of any kind, race, religion, who you love.  I will bring back the USDA who monitor the puppy mills increasing their budget and making sure the penalties and fines are stiff. My goal will be to shut the mills down.  I will make sure Meals on Wheels and other assistant programs for seniors, Veterans and those who need the service is not cut. 

FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: I am a small business owner with a proven track record of balancing budgets, listening to the needs of people and making sure there is a win-win. It is not only irresponsible to not invest in technology, healthcare, research and provide a quality education, it is not good business.  It is not good for our people, not good for our Country and we will continue to lose our standing on the world stage. It will cost our state and Country more to not implement these plans.

CORRUPTION: We need to stop the corruption and the rampant waste of tax payer money that is being done by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Call out the horse trading, back deal hand-shakes, stop the exclusion of women and minority caucus’ from being part of the conversation and limit the amount of time away from the White House the President takes for vacation or “work”.