Help Joan campaign today for a better tomorrow!

Campaign 2020

Help Joan campaign today for a better tomorrow!

Campaign 2020

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Welcome. I am Joan Greene

 I am running for U.S. Congress in Arizona CD5 


I am running to level the playing field for all of our families. 

Right now we have elected officials who are multi-millionaires and they are out of touch with their districts.  Literally and figuratively. 

Adding insult to injury, the longer they are in office the wealthier they become. We see how they make the laws that line their pockets while our pockets have nothing but lint in them. 

I plan on changing the way "Business as Usual" is done in our district and in D.C.

The days of your elected person not fighting for your family is over. 

Our kitchen table problems are not partisan.  We all need affordable health care, lower drug costs, quality education for our children, a livable wage, affordable housing and a secure retirement. 

Let me be clear, this is not asking for a handout, we just want all zip codes to have an opportunity for success and the laws not being stacked against us. 

With your support I will make sure our families are strong so that we may all thrive together. 

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Joan Greene 2020

"Country over Party!"

The Platform


Joan Green Supports Healthcare for all.

I support single-payer health coverage that provides comprehensive coverage for everyone. Nobody should ever have to make a decision if their loved one lives or dies because they don’t have health insurance. Nobody should go bankrupt or stay in a job they do not like just for health insurance or not take their medication because they cannot afford it. 

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Joan Greene Supports Education.

 The only way to improve our future is through education. We should have debt-free tuition for public Community Colleges, Universities and Vocational Schools. Students who still need help with books and housing can apply for a student loan. Student loans will not have an interest rate of more than 2%. 

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Joan Greene supports an economy that works for all of us.

 We need to invest in our infrastructure. This includes: fixing our roads and bridges, supporting public transit options, investing in our waterway systems so we have safe drinking water, modernizing our dams and levees to improve safety and generate clean energy. 

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