Hand Up vs. Hand Out

We need to invest in our infrastructure. This includes: fixing our roads and bridges, supporting public transit options, investing in our waterway systems so we have safe drinking water, modernizing our dams and levees to improve safety and generate clean energy.

I am a small business owner with real world experience for what we need to do to help small business’ survive and thrive. We need to cut the red tape, expand access to capital, and provide tax relief. With a single-payer health coverage this allows more profit to stay in the company and the owners can invest in technology, hire more workers or expand their business to other markets.

85% of Arizona days is sunshine, and we should be leading in the field of solar. Solar will create jobs that delivers power without wasting water. Not being a leader in solar means we are also losing business opportunities from corporations who will not relocate to Arizona because of our energy and education policies.

Arizona is a desert climate and along with other states, population growth and expanding urban areas will increase water demand. Communities will be challenged to deliver water and ensure enough water for environmental needs. We need to make sure we are exploring new methods to harvest rainwater and storm water, which provides a multitude of benefits, including water savings, reduced flood peaks and reduction of urban heat island effects.

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The Best Futures to Invest In

The only way to improve our future is through education. We should have debt-free tuition for public Community Colleges, Universities and Vocational Schools. Students who still need help with books and housing can apply for a student loan. Student loans will not have an interest rate of more than 2%.

Those who now have Student Loans may refinance to the lower interest rate or they may sign up to work two years in a high-need area of their chosen study and their loan will be forgiven.

I will also support funding for quality child care on campus. This will enable working parents with children to continue their education and break the cycle of poverty.

Education budgets in the Pre-K – 12 grades must be expanded. We need to increase our teacher’s pay, advocate for all students with different learning abilities to have the resources to succeed and that classrooms have the supplies they need. No teacher should ever have to reach into their pocket to supply their classroom with basic needs such as paper, crayons or even books to do their job.

We need to strengthen our K-16 to be competitive with other countries, so we can keep our brain trust here. Expand our vocational schools and invest in training programs for workers who will be displaced due to technological advancements, so the transition is seamless.

Another aspect of education that is not discussed nearly enough is early childhood education including Head Start and Early Head Start. When we invest in early childhood, we really change outcomes for children and families (and save tax payers money- lots of return when investing in early childhood education). A child’s brain is 90% full grown by the time they are 5 years old and the most rapid brain growth and development is birth through 3 years old. Birth to five years old is how we really make a huge difference!

Education is freedom. With education we rise out of poverty, become leaders in technology and cure diseases to name a few items.

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Protecting Medicare & Medicaid

I support single-payer health coverage that provides comprehensive coverage for everyone. Nobody should ever have to make a decision if their loved one lives or dies because they don’t have health insurance. Nobody should go bankrupt or stay in a job they do not like just for health insurance or not take their medication because they cannot afford it.

Planned Parenthood provides medical care to low income women, cancer screenings, family health planning. Without Planned Parenthood unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases will increase. Government needs to expand funding for this organization that does so much good for the community.

Health care is not just for the privileged who can afford it, but a right for everyone. Everyone deserves and should have quality medical care which includes pre-existing conditions. I will also make sure that Congress does not try to sneak in “genetic predisposed” law or discriminate against the LGBTQA Community to stop them from receiving the coverage they deserve.

I will also fight to make sure the cost of prescription drugs are lowered. A little known fact is that unexpired prescription drugs are thrown away by nursing homes after patients die. The drugs could be given to patients who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

I will introduce a bill that would allow sealed and unexpired medications to be donated to approved medical clinics for disbursement to those who need the medicine but cannot afford it.

Health care is freedom. It allows our economy to flourish, people can move from a low paying job to another job that offers more opportunities for advancement. Companies will have more money to pay higher wages or invest back into their business. When you have your health, you have options.

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Our country needs to see the value of investing in ideas that are happening now and in the near future.

To be a leader in the technology field we need to invest in computer science and STEM education. As technology quickly changes we must support our workers with continuing education so they do not lag behind.

We must be diversified with women, minority workers and apprenticeship programs for people from disadvantaged communities.

We must fund high-speed internet for everyone, focusing on rural areas and low-income communities.

We must make sure our communication companies are in strict compliance with net neutrality.

Cyber-security must be strengthened and if the attackers are caught, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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More Issues

PLANET PROTECTION: If we don’t take care of it, there is no Plan B.
Planet Protection will provide new technologies, jobs, better health, better food, innovation, clean air and water. This also includes taking care of our public lands and our animals. 

SOCIAL SECURITY: We have paid into it through our payroll taxes. This is not an entitlement, this is our money. I will vote against increasing the age requirement for full benefits from 67 years old. 

VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS: I will be the voice for the children, seniors, military families, stiffer penalties for animal abuse, LGBTQA, POC and Hispanics. I will be the voice that speaks out against discrimination of any kind, race, religion, who you love.  I will bring back the USDA who monitor the puppy mills increasing their budget and making sure the penalties and fines are stiff. My goal will be to shut the mills down.  I will make sure Meals on Wheels and other assistant programs for seniors, Veterans and those who need the service is not cut. 

FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: I am a small business owner with a proven track record of balancing budgets, listening to the needs of people and making sure there is a win-win. It is not only irresponsible to not invest in technology, healthcare, research and provide a quality education, it is not good business.  It is not good for our people, not good for our Country and we will continue to lose our standing on the world stage. It will cost our state and Country more to not implement these plans.

CORRUPTION: We need to stop the corruption and the rampant waste of tax payer money that is being done by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Call out the horse trading, back deal hand-shakes, stop the exclusion of women and minority caucus’ from being part of the conversation and limit the amount of time away from the White House the President takes for vacation or “work”.

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